Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mental Math- Division

Sincere love of multiplication has spread over to division. He loves to divide objects, create division problems for me and solve tricky problems. He has really fell head over heels for division. :)

And check out the funny joke at the end about "tissue." My little nerd is so funny. Oh and don't ask about the cat costume.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sinceres 5th Birthday Party Video

Sincere celebrated his 5th Birthday by having a big Human Body Birthday Party. One of the moms made this GREAT video from the day. He had a blast and everyone said that it was an incredible part and they had never been to one like it. :)

Sincere Doing Division in his head

Problem with video will repost.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Math- Fraction Work and Division

While I was tapping his addition/subtraction skills (see below) I figured I would tape him doing a little work with fractions and some division. He LOVES division and makes up division problems to do all day long. I think that's because I taught him using dry noodles at first. I love to see him work through things and see things click like it does when he works out a problem.

Sincere can still wander off of topic pretty easy but I try to get him back on topic or else we will be talking about bats wing span in no time. He got tired towards the end because I had him do all the addition, subtraction, fraction and division problems back to back. But even being tired I think he did a great job. We are currently working slightly beyond this but will capture that soon. :)

Sincere Doing Addition and Math

Sincere has been doing addition and subtraction for a while now and his skills continue to get better. At this point I would say he is doing 3rd grade math work. But I got worried once I heard he would be heading to a K where they were doing a math program called Everyday Math. I wasn't worried that he could do the work but I was worried that he might find it confusing since he had already been doing the old school way that I was taught. Since his K is a G&T they will start Everyday Math at the 1st grade level so I figured I should see if I could figure out how to do it. I don't know if this is the right way but I do think it's a good sign that he is learning there is more than one way to solve the problem. And I was pleasantly surprised he caught on to it right away.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sincere's Idea of Playtime Fun

We live with Sincere so it doesn't strike us really weird when he spends 45 minutes drawing the digestive system or creating a headache by lining up balls and saying they were cells sending messages through the nerves to the brain that they were in pain. The other day he created a dance he called the "olfactory receptor dance." This week he has been really into genes and the ability to see. I heard him telling his eyes "I love you eyes. Thank you for what you do. I wish my mouth could reach you and give you a kiss." :)

Really he is fascinated by all things having to with biology. It is a topic he can't get enough of. It's funny because there is another little boy we know that loves dinosaurs. Sincere could care less about dinosaurs now and I wondered why. He cleared it up for me "I love all LIVING things." LOL!

Here is an older video that shows him in the middle of his "playtime."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sincere Workout Plan

Sincere has told me "I am just not in too sports. I don't like doing what the other kids are doing." I dragged him to soccer practice. This was our 4th try at soccer. He told me "I am only giving it a chance for you. Not for me but for you." He wanted to leave after one kick but I told him we were going to stay for the whole practice. He spent the rest of the time being very Sincere. Which consisted of him noting how much the ball looked like Neptune. When it was his turn instead of kicking it he picked up the ball and said "Watch me show you the effect of gravity on the ball" dropping it then saying "Look gravity is holding it down." I had to grab the camera and have him repeat some of it because it was such a classic Sincere moment.

I got him to do 2 drills then he refused because the ball was rolling over the white flowers that bees needed and he wouldn't do that to the bees. He spent the rest of the time practicing his version of interpretative dance in the field.

The other video is of him lifting "weights" and doing P90X with daddy. He actually really likes to do exercise with Bobby. As long as it isn't soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball or parent/kid karate. LOL.